Mapping our Shoreline Cleanup Stories!

Mapping our Shoreline Cleanup Stories!

During April or Anytime: Add an image, share a story, include the estimated weight of the trash your found! Remember to visit the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup website to participate and officially submit your data.

Mapping Overview

Using the form provided below, you will create a marker and place it on an interactive online map. Your map marker includes a featured image and link to a full WordPress post with more information if needed. To edit this page go your Dashboard>Pages>All Pages>Mapping Overview.

How it Works

As each person completes the form below, more markers will appear on the map. You are able to click to tap on the map marker to see a featured image and also view more details using the “View More Information” link provided. To edit this page go your Dashboard>Pages>All Pages>How it Works.

+ View Activity Map

Add Map Location

Decide on the location that you want to share with others. You’ll find both the map where your selected location data will be displayed and a web form where you will enter your data below. To edit this page go your Dashboard > Pages > All Pages > Add Map Location.

+ Add Map Location


Map Submission Form

Fill out the Form to add your cleanup story:

Post Title: be creative or use your team or family name (remember, this map will be publicly available on the web)

Location: type an address/location for your cleanup. Once located, you can drag the marker to a more precise location if you wish.

Featured Image: share an image from your cleanup to help make our map more visual!

Post Content: add a story about your cleanup. Be sure to include the estimated weight of all the trash you found on your cleanup.

Press Submit: Your details will be added to the map above following a brief delay (to allow the post to be reviewed). Feel free to email if you have any questions or are having difficulty. Also consider visiting our website to learn more or get involved